Desktop Applications

MK Express, this quick and easy to use Master Key Software will create master key systems for all major manufacturers of both Standard Inline and Interchangeable Core Cylinders.

MK Express is available of Windows, Linux, MacOS and Raspberry PI

E-TS is a comprehensive shop and service management application. It is an extremely useful tool, developed with the latest computer software to make the most of modern mobile technologies.

E-TS is the latest major release for the Enterprise software family. E-TS is the next generation job management solution taking the technology of E3 to new heights.

E-TS reflects the feedback and wishes of E3 users, the capabilities of modern technology and best business practices.

Mobile Applications

PinCalc is a simple mobile app for the locksmithing industry which will calculate pinning charts for most inline and small form interchangeable core lock hardware.

Built with Flutter, it has an elegant look and feel while being light and smooth to run.

Web Sites

The MK Express web site promotes the desktop application in English and Spanish. It allows clients to purchase, download and activate.

The site also provides an interface for staff and resellers to manage their client's registrations including selling and upgrading.

MKCalc.com provides locksmiths with a simple web application to create and manage a master key system. The website is designed to be used from a desktop browser or mobile phone. It also comes with the a pinning calculator.

Armstrong Locksmiths

The Armstrong web site provides a public interface into the locksmithing franchise and is designed to lead customers into taking action.

The site has been optimised for search engines while being clear and appealing to the customer.

Licensed.nz allows members of the public to find certified certified trades people. The certification is managed by the various Trade Associations.